“Ben tu puzzi di pazzo, ch’è un pezzo, Disse Pluton, bestiaccia, per bisticcio” (Canto VI, Stanza 101, Malmantile, Lorenzo Lippi) Ambientato tra Londra e Venezia è il racconto di un lento disamore. A metà anni ’90 due amiche partono all’avventura alla ricerca di una nuova vita ma le loro strade prenderanno due direzioni diverse. Un omaggio al tema del doppio, alle ambivalenze, alle occasioni aleatorie.   Continua a leggere Bisticci

Animal Farm

Flying snakes, no planes involved. Study sees polar bears losing out to grizzlies. Badgers survive on the deadly poisonous plant Yew. First winter rain- even the monkey seems to want a raincoat. Mammals grew 1000 times larger after the demise of the dinosaurs. And laugh like parrots at a bag-piper. Nature hath fram’d strange fellows in her time… Continua a leggere Animal Farm


Today a cascade of nytimes tweets. Do writers retire? I think it’s a question of style and rhythm. I like your atlas! If some parts are boring I just skip them without feeling guilty, reading should be a pleasurable experience. I’m listening to Mr Ambulance Driver. Mouse teabags? I thought you were focussing on totem animals. And your bet? I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Not too bad then, have a nice weekend. Typical friday, lots of things to do but happy! Fruit cake? The worst cake in the world. You are not alone by Mads Langer is better than the … Continua a leggere Dialogues