1600 years

1600 anni – Il compleanno di Venezia


Today it’s my Birthday, they say I was born on March 25th A.D. 421, according to historical chronicles that report the first stone used to built the Church of St James in Rialto, thanks to an ex-voto of a sailor-man miraculously saved from a terrible thunderstorm.

I have too many memories of what has happened so far, sometimes I get confused, as each recollection entails another one and in the end each one of you out there, distracts me with another story, century after century the stories still go on.

If I have to take into account other events, today it’s also Dante’s Day, the father of the Italian language – the author of the Divine Comedy – it seems that the poet managed to come to Venice long time ago on September 1321, as ambassador for Messer Guido Novello, took malaria from a mosquito bite and died few days…

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