Panta rei

Robots play ping-pong. The end is near. What is the Booker Prize and why should you care. Is it cheese or a font? This week’s issue: Ken Auletta on Jill Abraham, Jerome Groopman on premature infants, Elif Batuman on Kars, Turkey. Brr autumn has arrived. Why not warm up with a coffee and then sit back and watch Frances Stark’s film here. Always rembember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. Continua a leggere Panta rei


You just do what you want to do for your sense of your creative life. If no one else wants to see it, that’s fine. Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it. You expect far too much of a first sentence…He was not so resolv’d when last we spake together. I say the sentences again and again in my head until they sound right. When anyone tells me I can’t do anything…I’m just not listening anymore. I have no more money, I cannot buy anymore ebooks. I can’t download anymore. I’m tired. Continua a leggere Confessions


A writer is not an ideal husband. Model needed: h/some, 70-90 yrs, blue eyes, expressive face, willing to pose for a portrait shot. Small fee + expenses. The actors are rehearsing in full costume (minus wigs and make up). I never make the same mistake twice. I usually make it three or four times. You can easily save a few dollars by switching the eggs from the regular and organic cartons, one by one. Hen Veronica said that if she needs something written in Italian she’d call up. Continua a leggere Role-playing