A question of Parsnips

“It might not make a James Bond plot, but an “epic mission” has been launched to save 250 tonnes of parsnips at a farm in Norfolk this Saturday.” Four years ago Ian Mathie and I had a different idea. George Grummitt had been a market gardener all his life. Although he was actually seventy-six, George had lied about his age to his employer who believed he was just approaching sixty-five. He was not looking forward to his forthcoming birthday but GenDev had an employment retiring policy and since they now owned what had been his family’s market garden for four generations, … Continua a leggere A question of Parsnips

Gondola Days

The moth’s kiss, first! Kiss me as if you made believe You were not sure, this eve, How my face, your flower, had purs’d Its petals up; so, here and there You brush it, till I grow aware Who wants me, and wide open I burst. The bee’s kiss, now! Kiss me as if you enter’d gay My heart at some noonday,— A bud that dares not disallow The claim, so, all is render’d up, And passively its shatter’d cup Over your head to sleep I bow. C’è ancora qualcuno che dedica poesie di Robert Browning su youtube, questa era … Continua a leggere Gondola Days


Già da un po’ di giorni specialmente su twitter è partita la campagna invece che regalare mimose regalate un libro. Non preoccupatevi con la crisi le mimose restano dove sono, in compenso aumentano i suggerimenti su quali libri comprare, e alcune liste sono scoraggianti. Mi riferisco alla serie italica dei libri dedicati alle donne in quanto donne leggeri – che poi sono dei mattoni che puoi usare come ferma porte, la lit chick, quel non prendersi troppo sul serio a caratteri cubitali fucsia perché in fondo siamo auto-ironiche. E questa sarebbe l’auto-ironia? I cloni di Bridget Jones vent’anni dopo, solo che invece della … Continua a leggere #Alpostodellemimose